Department of Oncology-Pathology, Medicine Solna, or Medicine Huddinge

~ With focus on research ~

The current position will, based on the applicant's profile and wishes, be placed at one of three possible departments at Karolinska Institutet (Department of Oncology-Pathology, Medicine Huddinge or Medicine Solna) and at a clinic belonging to Theme Cancer at Karolinska University Hospital.

The Department of Oncology-Pathology (Onk-Pat) conducts basic, translational and clinical research and cancer-related education. About 300 people from 40 nations are currently working at the department. 36 research groups with various cancer research profiles are involved and the department has approximately 120 doctoral students.

The department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH) conducts graduate and post-graduate education, as well as research, within a wide range of the medical field, covering all internal medicine specialties, infectious diseases and dermatology. The department consists of seven units with a total of nearly 60 research groups, including three research centres. 

The Department of Medicine, Solna (MedS) is one of the largest departments at KI and consists of 46 research groups at 12 research divisions representing various medical fields. The department currently has 170 registered doctoral students. 

Clinical oncology or hematology is a broad and dynamic research area and clinical specialty. Improved diagnostics, but above all improved treatment and care, have led to more cancer patients being cured. Substantially more individuals live longer with their cancer, and therefore quality of life and side effects are becoming increasingly important to study. Parallel to this, the need for improved prevention, early detection, but above all the development of even more efficient therapies has increased. It is furthermore important to understand why some cancers treatments do not work, why they are successful in certain cases and also why they in some patients cause severe side effects while in others they do not.

In the current Senior Lecturer position, the successful applicant is expected to perform/ be involved in preclinical, translational and clinical studies within oncology or hematology. The studies may include better possibilities to predict treatment outcome, identification of new treatment strategies, increased understanding of resistance mechanisms, as well as how these mechanisms can change during disease progression and development of tumor heterogeneity. It is also of great importance to try to understand how established and new treatments can be optimized and how to tailor individual treatments and, if possible, minimize the side effects.

The Strategic Research Program in Cancer (StratCan) at Karolinska Institutet financially supports the employment as Senior Lecturer during an initial period. There is a significant need for academic combined positions in the field of solid tumors, ie oncology.

The position is placed at one of three possible departments at Karolinska Institutet: the Department of Oncology-Pathology, the Department of Medicine Huddinge or the Department of Medicine Solna, with 70% of full-time, together with employment at one of the clinics within Theme Cancer at Karolinska University Hospital with 30% of full-time. A smaller adjustment between Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital may be discussed.

The position will mainly be focused on research. The successful applicant is expected to provide academic leadership in preclinical and clinical oncology or hematology. The duties include to be a principal investigator (PI) and conducting high-quality research in the subject area, as well as to supervise PhD students and postdoctoral junior researchers. The position also includes teaching at the undergraduate, advanced or graduate level. Furthermore, the successful applicant is expected to contribute to and develop clinical oncology or hematology in health care.

Eligibility requirements
To be eligible for employment as a senior lecturer, in addition to holding a Doctoral degree, PhD, or having equivalent scientific expertise, the person must have demonstrated research expertise, teaching expertise, clinical expertise as well as management, development and collaborative skills (See the instructions regarding the Appointment Procedure for Teachers at Karolinska Institutet).

We seek a person competent to be a senior lecturer with active, internationally leading cancer research within the field of oncology or hematology.

We seek a clinically active physician in clinical oncology or hematology. We seek a licensed physician approved by Socialstyrelsen, with several years of clinical employment, who is fluent in spoken and written Swedish.

The position will be combined with a position as a specialist trained physician in at a healthcare facility for medical training and research and therefore the candidate must have an MD with specialist competence in oncology or hematology, as well as fulfill the National Board of Health and Welfare's requirements for practicing medicine in Sweden.

Bases of assessment
The Senior Lectureship has a focus on research. The assessment will weight qualifications as follows: research expertise (3), educational expertise (1), clinical expertise (2), leadership, development and collaboration expertise (1).

The appointee must have undergone 10 weeks (or equivalent competence) of higher education training in teaching in accordance with the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions recommendations for qualification as a higher education teacher or having otherwise obtained equivalent knowledge. If the person appointed for the position is lacking such education at the time of the employment, the appointee must undergo such education during the first two years of employment.

Ability to conduct scientific collaborations and extract external funding is meritorious.

After an overall assessment of the expertise and merits of the candidates, Karolinska Institutet will judge which of the candidates that have the best potential to contribute to a positive development of the activities at KI.

Application process
An application must contain the following documents in English: curriculum vitae, qualifications and description of planned research, presented in accordance with Karolinska Institutet’s qualifications portfolio (

The applications will be reviewed by external reviewers in English. All the submitted documents shall therefor be written in English.

Clinical position at Karolinska University Hospital:

To obtain position as specialist physician (överläkare, biträdande överläkare, specialistläkare) at Karolinska University Hospital, assessment of the applicant’s clinical qualifications by the hospital’s Expert Committee is mandatory.

Hence, the documents listed below are required for determining the correct service level.

Link to criteria for positions as specialist physician at Karolinska University Hospital (in Swedish).

The application is to be submitted through the Varbi recruitment system.

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment Enligt överenskommelse
Salary Fast lön enligt överenskommelse
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100%
City Solna eller Huddinge
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number STÖD 2-6011/2018
  • Kamila Czene,
  • Jonas Bergh,, +46 -8-51774310
Union representative
  • Andreas Lundqvist, SACO, +46 8 517 768 84
  • Helen Eriksson, OFR , +46 8 524 823 38
Published 04.Jun.2019
Last application date 18.Aug.2019 11:59 PM CET

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