Research group of Pharmacological Nitric Oxide Research

Our group focuses on the understanding of nitric oxide (NO) signaling in health and disease with emphasis on cardiovascular and metabolic regulation. We are studying novel means of enhancing a dysregulated endogenous NO formation and bioactivity with the ultimate goal of finding novel strategies for prevention and therapy of diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke and diabetes.

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  • Perform research in the area of NO signaling, in particular in its measurements in biological samples
  • Research project planning, compilation and presentation of research results and writing scientific papers.
  • Apply and obtain research grants in order to support the research
  • Co-supervision of master and doctoral

Entry requirements

We are looking for a highly motivated person with a strong background in biochemistry. It is anticipated that the ideal candidate will have:

  • A PhD in Biochemistry or a related field, with at least 8 years of related work experience after completion of the PhD.
  • Vast experience in working with the technique of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy.
  • Vast knowledge in the biology, pathophysiology and biological chemistry of NO and related nitrogen oxides.
  • A medical degree (MD) and basic understanding of disease mechanisms in humans
  • Solid experience with handling and manipulation of human clinical samples and laboratory animals.
  • Experience of isolation and preparation of various tissue/samples from human and mice is needed.
  • The ideal candidate should have the ability to work independently, be organized, proactive and strongly motivated to develop the proposed research project and to collaborate in other ongoing projects in the group.
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken

A person is eligible to be appointed Senior Researcher if he or she has been awarded a Degree of Doctor or has achieved the corresponding scientific competence, as well as documented research after publicly defending his or her doctoral thesis corresponding to qualification as Assistant professor.

Bases of assessment

We stress research expertise when assessing applicants.

Application process

An application must contain the following documents in English: Curriculum vitae, qualifications and description of planned research, presented in accordance with Karolinska Institutet’s qualifications portfolio (

The application is to be submitted through the MyNetwork recruitment system.

Please observe that this is a temporary position of one year, with the possibility of an extension of one additional year.

Anställningsform Visstidsanställning längre än 6 månader
Anställningens omfattning Deltid
Tillträde According to agreement
Löneform Monthly salary
Antal lediga befattningar 1
Sysselsättningsgrad 50%
Ort Solna
Län Stockholms län
Land Sverige
Referensnummer 2-165/2020
  • Jon Lundberg (Professor),
Facklig företrädare
  • Henry Wölling, SEKO, 08-524 840 80
  • Magnus Anå, OFR, 08-524 864 37,
  • Bo Rydqvist, SACO, 08-524 872 67
Publicerat 2020-01-13
Sista ansökningsdag 2020-02-03

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