Karolinska Institutet, Department of Oncology-Pathology, Group Lehtiö

At the Department of Oncology-Pathology basic, translational and clinical research and educational activities related to cancer is carried out. Approximately 300 people from over 40 nations are currently working at the department. About 30 research groups with various cancer research profiles are involved and we have around 110 PhD students. The Department of Oncology-Pathology is responsible for undergraduate courses in Pathology, Oncology and Forensic Medicine for medical students, as well as for Tumor biology courses for biomedicine students and Pathology courses for opticians.

Description of the work group
Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) is a collaboration effort between four universities in Stockholm and Uppsala: Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Uppsala University. The centre combines state-of-the-art equipment with a broad knowledge in translational medicine and molecular biosciences. From 2013, SciLifeLab has an assignment from the government to work as a national infrastructure and the vision is to make SciLifeLab a competitive centre for high-throughput biosciences meant for research within health and environment.

The Cancer proteomics Mass spectrometry group develops and uses proteomics methods to improve personalized cancer therapy. Proteomics is a research field aiming to study global changes in a proteome, for example, to determine the function of a specific protein in the context of a biological network. We are currently engaged in method development projects to improve tissue and plasma proteomics for example using high resolution peptide isoelectric focusing (HiRIEF) coupled to mass spectrometry analysis, improve post translational modification analysis, subcellular relocalisation analysis and targeted proteomics to increase sensitivity and throughput in clinical validation of proteomics data.

We offer a very stimulating and diverse work in a team of motivated co-workers and we now need to strengthen our group with an Assistant Professor in mass spectrometry-based clinical proteomics. The employment as Assistant Professor is time limited for 4 years with the right to apply for promotion to Senior Lecturer.

We are looking for a scientist that together with Professor Janne Lehtiö and co-workers will work on mass spectrometry-based proteomics cancer projects. The main focus will be to conduct proteomics and proteogenomics studies primarily focused on leukemia which will include biological interpretation of large-scale clinical proteomics data, sample selection and experimental planning. The work will also include participating in and contributing to projects on method development as well as teaching and supervising students. The position will mainly be focused on research.

Eligibility requirements
Those eligible for employment as an Assistant Professor are individuals who have been awarded a PhD or attained equivalent research competence. Preference should be given to those who were awarded a PhD or attained equivalent research competence no more than five years prior to the expiry of the application period for the position of assistant professor.

Those who have been awarded a PhD or attained equivalent research competence earlier may however be considered if special grounds exist. Special grounds refer to illness or parental leave.


  • A doctoral degree in the field of medical science, proteomics, bioinformatics or other related relevant field.
  • At least 3 years of postdoc experience of mass spectrometry analysis within the field of clinical proteomics.
  • A strong scientific track record, supported by published papers particularly on the subjects of cancer proteomics and leukemia research in well-recognized peer-reviewed journals.
  • Documented thorough knowledge and practical experience from data analysis of quantitative proteomics data.
  • Documented thorough knowledge and practical experience in sample preparation for mass spectrometry and prefractionation methods.
  • Documented knowledge in proteomics analysis of clinical cohorts, including sample selection, data analysis etc.
  • Documented knowledge and practical experience of developing proteomics methods.
  • Documented thorough knowledge in quantitative mass spectrometry
  • Documented experience in interdisciplinary cancer biomarker discovery projects.
  • Documented pedagogical skills in proteomics and proteomics data analysis.
  • Documented experience in organizing courses at the doctoral level.
  • Good knowledge in English, oral and written.

Other merits

  • Experience of collaborative projects (both internationally and nationally) as well as between different disciplines.
  • Experience in proteogenomic workflows and projects involving multi omics approaches.
  • Experience in teaching and supervising students.

Since the position involves close interaction with several researchers, emphasis is placed on personal skills such as:

  • Very good collaborative and pedagogic skills.
  • Ability to work independently and take own initiatives.
  • Excellent communication skills and analytical skills.

Bases of assessment
Scientific expertise will be most important when assessing applicants.

Application process
An application must contain the following documents in Swedish/ English: curriculum vitae, qualifications and description of planned research, presented in accordance with Karolinska Institutet’s qualifications portfolio (http://ki.se/qualificationsportfolio).

The application is to be submitted through the Varbi recruitment system.

Promotion of Assistant Professor to Senior Lecturer
See the instructions regarding the Appointment Procedure for Teachers at Karolinska Institutet chapter 3.3

An Assistant Professor can apply for promotion to Senior Lecturer. An application is submitted to the Recruitment Committee. In order to be promoted to Senior Lecturer after an assessment by the Recruitment Committee, the applicant must meet the criteria below. The Assistant Professor can choose between two different promotion tracks; promotion to Senior Lecturer with focus on Research or promotion to Senior Lecturer with focus on Education and research.

Promotion of Assistant Professor to Senior Lecturer with focus on Research

Assessment criteria

  1. Senior Lecturer expertise according to the eligibility requirements and assessment criteria for “Senior lecturer with focus on research”.
  2. Grants obtained as principal applicant in national or international competition that covers the applicant’s own salary for at least two years from the final date of employment as an Assistant Professor. Project funding obtained in national or international competition (i.e. excellence grants obtained from the Swedish Research Council, European Research Council (ERC), Wallenberg Foundation (WAF) or Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) that covers costs for salaries, rent, materials and other project-related expenses for the research for at least two years from the final date of employment as an Assistant Professor.
  3. First and/or senior author of a number of peer-reviewed scientific articles published in leading international scientific journals over a number of years after dissertation, with the emphasis on the qualification period as an Assistant Professor.
  4. An independent research line deemed by independent experts and departmental management to offer excellent future potential for both the individual researcher and the department in question.
  5. A documented good ability to lead the own research group – including staff responsibility and supervision of doctoral and/or postdoctoral students. Scientific expertise is emphasized when assessing applicants including successful scientific results in a good working climate, as well as documented collaborative abilities.
  6. All experience of undertaking assignments on behalf of the scientific community – such as board membership, internal assessment committees, departmental duties, organizing courses and conferences and editorship – will be considered as merits.

If the applicant is deemed to fulfill all of the above criteria, they will be assessed by two experts in their field and must meet the eligibility requirements that apply to appointments as a Senior Lecturer at Karolinska Institutet.

Type of employment Temporary position longer than 6 months
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100 %
City Solna
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2-3693/2019
  • Helena Bäckvall, Helena.backvall@ki.se
  • Professor Janne Lehtiö, 08 524 814 16, Janne.Lehtio@ki.se
Union representative
  • Andreas Lundqvist, SACO, 08 517 768 84
  • Helen Eriksson, OFR, 08 517 762 79
Published 10.Jul.2019
Last application date 31.Jul.2019 11:59 PM CET

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