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Karolinska Institutet (KI) invests in recruitment of leading junior researchers with particularly outstanding scientific merits and future potential. The initiative is in line with Strategy 2030 at KI and is for research within the field of Medical science - including Medicine, Health care and Health. These positions as Assistant Professor with possibility to apply for promotion to Senior Lecturer is a part of this investment. The appointments are financed by the Faculty Board at Karolinska Institutet.

Your mission

The employment as Assistant Professor is time limited for six years with the right to apply for promotion to Senior Lecturer. The purpose of the employment as Assistant Professor is to develop research skills as an independent researcher and acquire the scientific and pedagogical qualifications required for eligibility for appointment as Senior Lecturer. The employment has a focus on research but may also include other tasks in education or management positions within the department or faculty. The terms for the employment are to be negotiated with the recipient department.

Eligibility requirements

Those eligible for employment as an Assistant Professor are individuals who have been awarded a PhD or attained equivalent research competence. Preference should be given to those who were awarded a PhD or attained equivalent research competence no more than five years prior to the expiry of the application period for the position as Assistant Professor.

Those who have been awarded a PhD or attained equivalent research competence earlier may however be considered if special grounds exist.

Special grounds refer to:

  • parental leave,
  • positions of trust in trade union organisations,
  • mandatory service in the total defense forces,
  • long-term illness,
  • general medical internship (maximum 24 months)
  • specialist medical residency for clinically active professionals (maximum 24 months).

Ground, dates and extent must be clearly specified in the application and verified with relevant documentation.

The applicant should, in recent years, have conducted research of high quality, and demonstrate an ability to continue to conduct research of high quality.

The applicant should have published in internationally leading journals in his/her field in recent years and occupy a prominent place in the list of authors, preferably as first author and/or last author. The applicant must have the capability, as the principal applicant, to obtain external financing.

Bases of assessment

Scientific expertise will be most important when assessing applicants.

Applicants will be assessed on their scientific expertise mainly based on two assessment criteria; the Applicant’s competence and the Scientific quality of the project. Please visit our website for more information about the assessment of candidates and the assessment criteria.

Information about position as Assistant Professor through this call

The successful applicants must independently identify and agree with a department at KI regarding the employment as Assistant Professor, as well as negotiate the terms of employment. The employment is agreed with the receiving department, which is also responsible for salary setting. 

The position as Assistant Professor is a fixed-term career-development position lasting for a maximum of six years at Karolinska Institutet. The employment is to commence at the recipient department not more than twelve months after the decision has been made.

The recipient department will be assigned a framework amount of SEK 1,000,000 per appointment per year for a maximum of six years. The funds are intended to finance positions and are to be used for salary and salary related costs in connection to the position.

In the event an applicant who is rewarded with a position through the call already is employed as Assistant Professor (biträdande lektor) at Karolinska Institutet, time will be counted off correspondingly from the new employment, and the allocated salary funds will also be reduced correspondingly.

A start-up grant for research is awarded to applicants that are granted a position as Assistant professor from the announcement. The start-up grant is a non-recurring amount of SEK 1 000 000.

Please visit our website for more information about the recruitment process and the conditions for payment of funding. Applicants looking to pursue clinical work alongside the position as Assistant Professor are especially advised to take part of the conditions regarding payment of funding and contact in case of questions.

Particular assessment for promotion to Senior Lecturer

An Assistant Professor employed in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 4 Section 12a shall be promoted to Senior Lecturer if he or she is eligible for an employment as Senior Lecturer in accordance with the Instructions regarding the Appointment Procedure for Teachers at Karolinska Institutet and is assessed to be suitable for such employment in accordance with the assessment criteria that KI has decided should be applied when being promoted to Senior Lecturer. The assessment criteria stated in the Instructions regarding the Appointment Procedure for Teachers at Karolinska Institutet that was valid at the time of appointment as Assistant Professor will be applied when applying for promotion to Senior Lecturer. Current assessment criteria can be found here. Such promotion results in a permanent position as Senior Lecturer.

What does KI offer?

A creative and inspiring environment full of expertise and curiosity. Karolinska Institutet is one of the world's leading medical universities. Our vision is to pursue the development of knowledge about life and to promote a better health for all. At Karolinska Institutet, we conduct successful medical research and hold the largest range of medical education in Sweden. Karolinska Institutet is a state university, which entitles to several benefits such as extended holiday and generous occupational pension. Employees also have access to our modern gym for free and receive reimbursements for medical care.

Location: Depending on where the recruiting department is located, it can be in one of the municipalities of Solna, Flemingsberg, Danderyd or Stockholm

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Please visit our webpages for more information about the call:

Faculty Funded Career Positions and Consolidator grant at KI




Please follow the instructions carefully. Applications should be submitted by the recruitment system Varbi and shall comprise of the following documents, written in English:

  • A personal letter 
  • Application form (the form can be found here)
  • PhD certificate

Please attach relevant documentation regarding deductible time in Swedish or English.

Welcome to apply no later than April 24th, 2023 (time 23.59 CEST).

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Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment According to the agreement
Salary Monthly salary according to the agreement
Number of positions 8
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number STÖD 2-116/2023
  • Acedemic Appointments office,
Published 20.Mar.2023
Last application date 24.Apr.2023 11:59 PM CEST

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