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Schizophrenia is a heritable but genetically complex disease. Genetic, pathological, and epidemiological data converge to fit a model of schizophrenia as a network disease with perturbations during brain development leading to early-adulthood onset clinical symptomatology. Recent advances from our group in single-cell genomics (Science 2015, 2016) and how this kind of data can be integrated with human genetic data (Nature Genetics, in press) is opening up for new ways to investigate the etiology of schizophrenia. The proposed project entails using single-cell RNA sequencing on novel mouse models of schizophrenia in combination with human genetics to elucidate cell type- and network-specific genetic programs underlying schizophrenia. 

The postdoctoral researcher will perform the work as a part of the Hjerling-Leffler group (http://hjerling-leffler-lab.org) at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics (MBB) working in close collaboration with Patrick Sullivan’s KI Psychiatric Genomics Institute (https://ki.se/en/meb/ki-psychiatric-genomics-institute). Moreover, this work is highly collaborative, with regular contact with leading genomics and neuroscience groups in Scandinavia, Europe, and the US. We have a strong track record of helping postdocs obtain independent funding to further their academic careers.

A person is eligible for a position as Postdoctoral Researcher if he or she has obtained a PhD no more than seven years before the last date of employment as postdoc.

Applicants should have a PhD degree in molecular neuroscience, mathematical biology, or genetics, as well as substantial experience in high-level analysis of multiple types of modern genomic datasets (e.g., genome-wide association, exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing, RNA-sequencing). Modern genomics also requires proven skills in programming (e.g., MatLab, Python or R), flexibly manipulating large datasets, and bioinformatic integration, and pathway analysis. We are seeking a highly motivated person with a PhD in molecular neuroscience or human genetics and a competitive publication record.

Please send applications, including CV, list of publications and statement of future interests to Jens Hjerling-Leffler (jens.hjerling-leffler@ki.se). After initial contact, applicants should arrange to have at least two confidential letters of reference to be sent directly by referees

Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment Upon agreement
Salary monthly
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2-2732/2018
  • Jens Hjerling-Leffler , +46 8 524 869 74
Union representative
  • Anne Edgren, OFR/S, P, O, 08-616 16 29
  • Henry Wölling, SEKO, henry.wolling@ki.se
  • Biborka Bereczky Veress, SACO, 46 70-173 85 75
Published 22.May.2018
Last application date 22.Jun.2018 11:59 PM CEST

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